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The company ELTE Holding, a. s., is a recipient of support from the 1st public competition of the Program for the Support of Applied Research and Innovation THETA 2, a provider of the Technology Agency of the Czech Republic.

Research useful for society.

Research and development of the design of small tubular exchangers for their integration into machinery
The goal of the project is to produce an innovative heat exchanger for the use of waste heat in various types of energy-mechanical equipment.

The newly designed and small tubular exchanger with maximized heat transfer intensity will be tested for industrial use in a 630 kVA, 35/0.40 kV oil distribution transformer. By integrating heat exchangers into transformers (or vacuum pumps and compressors), targeted heat energy can be effectively used. 

Usable energy has the potential to be applied especially during the summer season, when it is necessary to intensively cool these units and thereby ensure their safe operation.

There are tens of thousands of distribution transformers in the Czech Republic alone, and commercial potential for selected industrial applications can only be expected within the scope of changing units with regard to minimal additional investment costs.

The project is being solved in cooperation with the VSB – Technical University of Ostrava. The project is being solved in the period 7/2024 to 12/2025.